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Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

December 12, 2013

The Sydney Opera House is a late modern architecture masterpiece. It is admired all over the world and proudly treasured by the Australian people. It was created by a young architect who envisioned the potential provided by the site against the gorgeous backdrop of Sydney Harbour.  The architect,  Jorn Utzon died in Copenhagen in November 2008 at the age of 90, but his astonishing style and creative art still lives on at the opera house.

The structure represents creativity, both in architectural form and structural design. It is a great urbanized sculpture carefully set in a remarkable waterscape, and it is considered a world famous iconic building. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not only is this a place to see great works of art, music and theatre, but it is also a breathtaking piece of history to admire. Every year, visitors from around the world come to visit the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

When visiting the Sydney Opera House, there are many options to choose from such as special tours and show packages. You can indulge in an evening of exceptional entertainment and delicious food. When purchasing your performance tickets, just add a show plus package. Enjoy a 2-course pre-theatre dinner, a couple of drinks, and choose between Parking or The Essential Tour. Also, you may choose from a range of casual and fine dining restaurants. The Gold Show Plus package is $98 per person, and the Silver Show Plus is $78 per person. These packages change as often as the shows do, so please be sure to check with your travel agent or the Sydney Opera House website, to find out which package sparks your interest and what is available at the time you are traveling.

In its short lifetime, the Sydney Opera House has earned an incredible reputation as a world-class performing arts center. It has become a symbol of both Sydney and the Australian nation. If you are an individual who can appreciate beauty and history under one roof, then this is an experience in life that you do not want to pass by. There is never a shortage of choice when there are over 2,500 performances each year. Keep in mind that many Australia packaged vacations include a tour and show of the Opera house in the price.

The Opera House is only one of the many things to enjoy in Sydney. Other popular sites are the Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World, the Royal Botanic Gardens, China Town and the Harbour Bridge. Try to spend a minimum of three nights in the city to have time to take it all in.