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The Authentic Side of Australia

The Authentic Side of Australia

June 20, 2011

If youâ??re looking for something â??authentic,â? a place that has meaning in other peopleâ??s lives, and might bring some new meaning into yours â?? Northern Territoryâ??s Uluru (Ayers Rock,) is a magical destination.

In the red centre of Australia, not far from legendary Alice Springs, Uluru is so much more than a big rock.  In fact, big doesnâ??t begin to describe it.  Uluru is actually the summit of a buried sandstone hill and as much as two-thirds of it may be hidden beneath the surrounding plain.  The worldâ??s largest monolith, it rises 1,141 feet from the desert floor, is 2.2 miles long and nearly six miles around.

Uluru figures prominently in Aboriginal creation myths and its power is tangible.  Local Anyang guides speak reverently as they lead visitors past caves, rock art and sacred sites.  Over thousands of years, the continentâ??s earliest residents recorded their beliefs and stories in the stone as well as in artworks exhibited in galleries, art centers and museums.  A UNESCO World Heritage site, Uluru is truly spectacular, especially at down and sunset as the rock glows red against the deep blue sky.

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